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How to Study the Bible
This discovery is the core of Disciple.Me. It is full of research from a variety of resources. Using this guide, you can be confident in your handling of God's word!
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Valuing God's Word
Listen to David Platt convey the importance of studying and deeply valuing the Bible for yourself.


Valuing God's Word
Listen again to David Platt convey the importance of studying and deeply valuing God's word.

Bible Reading Plans

Ligonier Reading Plans
Ligonier offers what is probably the best and most thorough round-up of reading plans.

ESV Bible Plans
The ESV website offers 12 different plans that are available in a variety of formats like audio.

The Bible App Plans
You can choose a variety of plans from partial or whole Bible reading. It’s easily accessible on your phone and if you ever miss a day you can move the days up with one button.

Read Scripture
Read the Bible in one year with this Bible Project plan. It includes video intros to each book you read!


How to Study the Bible
"I can’t make the Bible come alive for anyone. The Bible is already alive. It makes me come alive."
- R. C. Sproul


How we got the Bible
Watch Josh McDowell as he explains Jewish scribes painstaking attention to detail.


Bible Canon
Watch to learn how the Bible canon was formed.


How to study the Bible
David Platt has hosted two Secret Church events focusing on the Bible. Secret Church is a live world-wide event that lasts late inot the night and teaches hungry students on a Biblical topic. Watch, for free, segments from
"#3 How to Study the Bible"
"#17 Scripture and Authority in an Age of Skepticism".


How to study the Bible
Watch and explore John Piper's new explanatory series "Look at the Book". You can explore more passages like this one at


How to Study the Bible
Listen to Jen Wilkin emphasize the proper way of expositing a text.


How to Study the Bible
Listen to David Platt illustrate the proper way of applying a text.


How to Study the Bible
Journey into God's Word is a condensed easy to read book made from a larger trusted seminary textbook. It is concise and full of great ways to handle God's word!

Online Tools

The Bible Project
Watch videos that explain deep theology on the meta-narrative big picture story of the Bible & more!

Street Lights
Jam out to this free hip-hop audio Bible designed to reach inner-city children who don’t like to read.

Blue Letter Bible
Look up the meanings of words the original languages. Search a verse and then hit “interlinear”.

She Reads Truth
Bible App and devotional. There is also a "He Reads Truth" currently only available for iOS.

YouVersion Bible App
Popular by name, but worth mentioning for its vast list of translations, videos, & Bible reading plans. A standard Bible app to own.
Got questions is an amazing ministry that constantly answers questions you may have about what the Bible has to say on key issues and controversial topics.

Bible Teaching

Radical - David Platt
Listen to Bible teaching by topic or verse from professor, pastor, and missionary David Platt. Be sure to check out all of his "Secret Church" series!

Grace to You
Pastor & author John MacArthur has create a website with a plethora of Bible resources and answers to tough questions.

Desiring God
Pastor & author John Piper offers a great library of sermons by topic and verse. Piper answers Bible questions and also visually explores scripture in "Look at the Book."

Moody Radio
Listen on your radio, online, or using the MoodyRadio app. This radio station features daily rock-solid Bible teachers.