Disciple.Me is a freely given discipleship curriculum for followers of Jesus. The website features scripture discoveries and exercises as well as a collection of gathered resources from others, organized into 7 sequential sections. Because discipleship time with someone can be short-lived, the website is constantly organized to be short and sweet with only the best resources.

What is a disciple?
Defining discipleship and the urgency of it’s call may perhaps be our biggest concern in the church today. Assuming we believe we are commissioned to make disciples, what is a disciple? How does one become a disciple and disciple others? What does it look like? Is it hard or easy? Is it simply growing in your faith or is it something more?
dis·​ci·​ple | di-ˈsī-pəl
“A student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher who learns by practical experience and imitates his or her example.”
Using the Cirriculum
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What people are saying

Kerri A.
“This training has been truly life-changing, for the first time in my life I can see how to clearly prioritize my faith and share it with others. While I still have a long way to go, I see God working in my life in exciting ways.“

James B.
“I liked the emphasis on getting out and evangelizing to the lost. I feel like Christians do not do this enough.”

Sarah P.
“Church history was actually very helpful. I used it to share with an unbeliever about the reliability of the gospel and to explain to a doubting believer about why excluding the apocrypha is good for the reliability of scripture.”
Use the commitment sheet with your disciplee(s) to get their commitment to learn as well as self-evaluate where they're currently at. There is also an exit survey you can use to compare growth!